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Sword Art Online: Alicization

Kaveer/ October 8, 2018/ Anime Reviews/ 0 comments

こんにちは 皆さん Hello world and welcome to the Aniblogger. This is quick run down on the animation everyone loves to hate. SWORD ART ONLINE So here’s the long and short of the first episode. Episode 1 was previewed at a screening in Japan on September 15, 2018. Regular broadcasting then began October 7, 2018 and is an adaptation of volumes 9 through 18 of Reki Kawahara’s Sword Art Online light novel series. This also

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Hiatus explained…

Kaveer/ May 27, 2018/ Admin Info/ 0 comments

Hi Everybody こんにちは 皆さん Welcome back to the aniblogger. Those who have been following me and friends and family, you will have noticed that I have been on somewhat of a hiatus for the past month or so. I have an extremely good reason why I have neglected this blog. You might think badly of me but my reasons are sound and graphically pleasing. This really isn’t the only thing

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