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Konichiwa Mina-san

The Aniblogger is back.

And you know it’s good news that’s brought me back.


As the headline says: the Harem that made Harem anime popular again is returning for a second season. YASSSS!!! The quintuplets are back and I’m really excited but concerned at the same time.


Let’s break it down from the beginning:

So harem anime has in reality been losing foothold in the market and you don’t see them being very popular but let’s take 2018 as a whole. The most popular harem anime that released (imo);

  • How not to summon a demon Lord.
  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody.
  • Yuragi-sou no Yuuna

But nothing that really got into the gritty mess that comes with a Harem and ultimately the choice. This is where I think the quintuplets pull ahead here. Let me explain: they lay an intricate foundation of a relationship with each sister, each one identifying differently with, my man, Uesugi (Not sure if was actually a play on words for very high – i.e. honour student). But each one deepens their relationship with him across the bored but we see the nitty-gritty come to a head in the first season Ichika puts her own feelings aside for her Sister (Miku). I love the fact that they don’t shy away from these concepts and confrontations.


So anyway, I started reading the manga after I binge watched the entire season 1, and I must say it’s pretty good although if you planning on staying neutral on which to choose:


Well we just need to wait and see how it pans out on the bigger picture and eventually we can get closer to who the beautiful bride is. My hope is on Ichika.



Anyways this is Aniblogger signing off.


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