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こんにちは 皆さん

Hello world and welcome to the Aniblogger.

This is quick run down on the animation everyone loves to hate.


So here’s the long and short of the first episode. Episode 1 was previewed at a screening in Japan on September 15, 2018. Regular broadcasting then began October 7, 2018 and is an adaptation of volumes 9 through 18 of Reki Kawahara’s Sword Art Online light novel series. This also sprouted the Manga series adaptation: Sword Art Online: Project Alicization.

I can tell you now that it’s not as bad as people think it may be.

This community carries a lot of bias towards this franchise and for a lot of things however I think the SAO veil was lifted by GGO Alternative we saw how great an SAO can be, which opens the door-way to greater things for the anime.

So for the run down: The first episode was FRIGGEN’ cool ok! You have an amazing introductory story which set the tone for the rest of the season to come, there’s Asuna♥, the animation is really pretty, and there’s Asuna♥, the story seems solid and has potential to be really profound, and there’s Asuna♥. So that’s a good list of amazing things to look out for here.

[Yuuki Asuna; Movie: SAO: Ordinal Scale]

Two of my favourite Seiyuu: Tomatsu Haruka (Asuna) and one of my top 2 favourite Seiyuu – Miyuki Sawashiro (Shino) – Ughhhh I love her Husky Voice!

But on a serious note:

So I think Alicization has potential to be great and has started on an outstanding first step, it needs to now keep up the standard or the new SAO might find itself falling flat, but I really hope it just gets better.

The new Fall 2018 season has started and there is a lot to look forward to.

So until next time!


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