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Hi Everybody

こんにちは 皆さん

Welcome back to the aniblogger.

Those who have been following me and friends and family, you will have noticed that I have been on somewhat of a hiatus for the past month or so.

I have an extremely good reason why I have neglected this blog.

You might think badly of me but my reasons are sound and graphically pleasing.

This really isn’t the only thing I’ve been up to since the release of God of War, there are other valid reasons…



I’ve literally turned into a Game freak this past month, investing hours and hours into these two masterpieces.

Yes, yes I know this is an aniblog, but these are really too amazing to not play, so I am going to do a quick review of these games before I continue my life being an anime otaku an the like.

  • First off:

GOD OF WAR Ω (2018)

Or, in my opinion, Souls of War, or, Son of Kratos, or, Boy and Dad.

Because I was no novice to the series I jumped straight into the Hard mode of this game and was completely and utterly over whelmed. I found myself having to dodge and roll my way out of situations and I finally saw that the franchise has completely graduated from the button masher of the year to the Souls of War, since I had to play this as if I was playing a souls game.

Moving on I can say that this is the best version of the franchise that I have seen to date, and I have owned all 4 major titles now. The game play is absolutely sublime and takes a new spin on the combat system, it is vastly more complex than the button masher prequels but surprisingly easy to use it sort of gives you a feeling of accomplishment is some ways as you would playing a souls game when you defeat a powerful enemy instead of just power mashing you PS controller to win as you would have before.

From the story aspect it tells a fantastic and deep story which has a extremely long play through time, must longer than before but it ticks all check boxes for a brilliant and moving tale.

I am looking forward to hours more of after story play on my way to discover everything in Game.

  • Next up:


One of the best looking and feeling mobile RPG’s ever released. It basically is the best JRPG that includes Japanese POP culture, and I can confirm that there are characters from anime/manga included in this.

The game play is the best you can find for mobile, battle system is easy to use, the level system is complex though not impossible.

This is a very grindy game so be prepared. You will not complete this game and reach max level in a week, is takes grinding for a game to the max, however is has a lot of fulfilling properties when you own a Shikigami fully levelled and can basically one shot kill a slightly lesser team.

But I digress…

However I can say that I am back in action and will be posting new stuff. I have been following the Spring 2018 season intently and here are some amazing anime and there are some that really drop short.

But more on that in my next post.

It feels good to be back.

Tadaima ..ただいま


But until next time…


The Ani Blogger

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