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Hi everybody, こんいちは皆さん

The Ani Blogger back with some interesting news regarding the anime that everybody knows even if they don’t know anime.

Dragon Ball Super!


The Tournament of power finally over the anime drew to an almost predictable close this passed weekend. However many fans have been scrambling to find some clue or foot hold that will actually give them the hope and promise of a New Season of the franchise.

Dragon Ball Super aired it’s final episode titled: The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!! This basically heralded the “indefinite hiatus” status for the series.

While the new movie is set to release on December 14th 2018 in Japan; Toei Animation has remained tight lipped as to whether or not the franchise will return after movie.

This does not sit well with the general population of Dragon Ball fans, while new information has left everyone with a sense of foreboding. A report confirmed that current DBS timeslot will be taken by a new Gegege no Kitarou which, seems to be another reboot of the 1971 series of the same name. Gegege no Kitaro will run for 50 or more episodes and will star Miyuki Sawashiro (Celty from Durarara and Ul/Ultear from Fairy Tail) and Nozawa Mazako (Goku’s Japanese voice actress).

This means that Gegege Kitarou will air all year round. Which is the major source doubts as to whether Dragon Ball Super will ever return.

Which brings us to the question: Just how much more powerful is Goku going to get? He is already at a ridiculous level with his “unintentional” attainment of Complete Ultra Instinct. It does seem even more ridiculous that should there ever be another arc surrounding Goku it may just be TOEI milking their Ultimate Cash Cow.

The little boy in me, who discovered anime through Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, would absolutely love to see another Arc with a new series and new enemies. But with that comes questions: Is Goku going to get stronger? If the protagonist is not Goku who will It be and will they be able to live up to the Legacy that’s already been created, or will it be another Toriyama illegitimate love child like Dragon Ball GT?

Looking back at everything, if TOEI can in fact pull off a fresh and amazing new concept and at the same time satisfying their fan base: then I am really all for it.

Personally I believe that the up coming movie needs to put the franchise to bed for once and for all. It needs to be unequivocally blatant in it finality so as not to tempt any half baked resurrections. If the series continues it may be looking at doing something redicilous to keep things going, and hopefully will probably head toward “Jumping the proverbial shark”.

Let hope that doesn’t happen and the show, instead, will “Go Gently into that good night”, instead of becoming really cringey and unsightly.

There’s still so much that’s not know at this point and everything is just speculation until TOEI animation breaks their silence.

Until then, thank you for joining me and will see you next time.


The Ani Blogger

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