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Konnichiwa, こんにちは皆さん

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Devilman: Crybaby
Synonyms: n\a

  • Synopsis:

Akira Fudo is informed by his best friend Ryou Asuka that the demons will revive and reclaim the world from the humans. As the humans do not stand a chance against the supernatural power of the demons, Ryou suggests fusing with a demon. Akira becomes Devilman, with the power of a demon and the heart of a human.

  • Mains and their Voices:

Akira Fudou

Ruth (Mahoutsukai no Yome)
Ichijou Raku (Nisekoi)
Souler Eater (Soul Eater Evans)

Ryo Asuka 

Cartaphillus (Mahoutsukai no Yome)
Luck Voltia (Black Clover)

Miki Makimura

Atsuko Kagari (Little Witch Academia)
Gon Freecss  (Hunter X Hunter)
Keira Amano (Gamers)

  • My thoughts:

I have on thjng to say that describes this anime perfectly: “Just WTF happend”. It completely drew me in from the first episode. This anime went way beyond my expectation. It honestly moved me and left that hole in my heart feeling after the last episode – Like what do I do now. Utterly dumbfounded. Absolutely great anime. You can plainly see that the story telling had taken priority over the animation, moving away from over animating with key animations. Though it was the first time I saw anime twerking.

  • Animation:

Even though it was a good anime I have a few critiques. The animation isn’t really something to praise to the hills. You can see clearly that animation really sometimes took a back seat, especially after the half way mark of the season. Though in the first half it was somewhat excusable since they make up for the lack of animation with good real references of movement and human reaction. It probably was a case of just keeping it simlle; it’s a shame that it wasn’t really kept up through the last few episodes, when it really needed it. But never the less, it was a completely no holds barred animation, nothing was off limits, this is nothing more than bold. It made me feel like I was watching a good movie rather than an anime.

  • Character Design:

This was one of the anime’ s good points. The setting of each character with unique characteristics and strong presence. The voice actors were also cast well and brought all the more emotion into their acting, which made them really stand out.

  • Music:

I need to point out that the music score was really encompassing. It adds to story without becoming an actual character and being over powering. In doing this it greatly assists and sets the mood or feeling in each scene making the epic scenes that much more epic and making the shocking scenes that much more shocking. Great job on this though.

  • Story/Plot:

This is really a story driven anime which put a lot into the story telling; again I’m saying it was completely off the rails breaking through anime norms and took the story telling to a different level. I’m also restating that in going brave on the animation they told a story which was full and meaty that really wasn’t skipping on intrigue, and suspense. It keeps all attention drawn in and makes the watcher want to press that next episode button at the end of each episode. The plot was well thought out, though a few plot holes emerge. All in all I found the end slightly lacking in its finality, I’m sort of left with a sour after taste. Though this may be, it still is a great watch.

  • My scores:

Animation: 7
Artwork/Environment: 7
Character Design: 8
Story/Plot : 8.5
Music: 9
Voice Acting: 8

Overall rating:

  • So why watch this anime?

If you’re looking something that breaks from the norm, something that gives cliche the middle finger, this is for you.

Just be prepared for an amazing ride of a story which would give most anime watchers a culture shock. I loved that this pulled no punches, and as such, it makes way for a compelling story without being over censored. I know it is a bit early in the year; but this could be a contender for anime of the year.

So give this a watch and let me know what you think, agree and disagree on.

Thanks for reading along and will see you soon. Happy watching!

See you next time.


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