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Hello everyone, こんいちは皆さん

This is an event blog, something I’ll be doing from time to time when I am able to attend certain events.

The 3rd March, is an auspicious day in the Japanese Calendar called Hinamatsuri, also called Doll’s day or Girl’s day.

Click here to link to Wikipedia for the full explanation of HINAMATSURI

It was the first event if it’s kind in South Africa held by the Japanese Embassy. It was an interesting and informative event, displaying the traditional  culture of Japan. Some of the displays that were included were Ikebana – the art of flower arranging, Judo martial arts, Kyudo the martial art of the Great bow (Daikyu), very impressive Bonsai trees as well as an amazing Koto performance.

Please see below the pictures of the Expo, honestly it was a bit small but I expect that it will grow year by year. I’m keeping it short as this isn’t really a review, just an event blog.

Hina Dolls



An amazing show of design and beaty in these women’s Yukata:


This instrument is described as a dragon. When the artist plays the Koto they are said to be awakening the dragon.

Samurai Armor

Kyudo Club

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Hopefully there will be more events like this to come.

Thank you to the Japanese Embassy.

Hopefully this will grow bigger in further and we can have a proper festival (Matsuri). I want to eat takoyaki the next time.

Anyways that all from from me, until next time…


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